Thursday, May 25, 2006

Winston Churchill--KOB

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Watching movies is a great way to stay inspired and learn about how people have overcome adversity. I highly recommend "The Gathering Storm," a British film with Albert Finney in the lead role as Winston Churchill. It is a wonderfully inspiring story of how he overcame great resistance and doubt from his fellow politicians about the Nazi war threat.

Despite great political success as a young man, he reached a point where no one was paying much attention to him anymore. In addition to battling dark depression at the time, Winston thought he was finished politically but the little boy in him refused to give up. As a youngster, he had a vision that his destiny was to save Great Britain from another nation's war machine.

Because of his belief in destiny, his passion for doing what's right, the ability to entertain the possibilities and acting on his intuition, he was able to use his great speaking skills to convince the parliament that Germany was indeed marching across Europe and wiping away millions of people.

On days when nothing seemed to be going his way, he would start the day off by saying out loud: "KOB - Keep Buggering On!"

Let me ask you today: Are you going to "Keep Buggering On" when everything is going wrong in your life and no one seems to care?
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