Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Million Dollar Boy and the Red Paper Clip Guy

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There's a saying floating around cyberspace that people will respond to a unique idea emotionally rather than logically and possibly cause a firestorm of media attention.

If I told you on one muggy summer's night in late August 2005, a young lad from a university in London was lying on his bed with a notepad, brainstorming ideas on how to pay for his education and came up with an idea that eventually brought him over $1 million from people around the world, would you believe me?

What if I told you a guy traded one very red paperclip for a nice house, would you call me crazy? After an hour or two of scribbling ideas on paper, Alex Tew of London would create internet history by becoming the first person in the world to sell a million pixels on his website as advertising space. Lo and behold, he became an internet sensation and attracted attention all over the world, garnering well over a million dollars because he acted on his intuition! Check out his website by going to the million dollar homepage. It's a fascinating and inspiring story.

Meanwhile, a guy named Kyle MacDonald of Canada got this idea of making a series of trades, starting with a red paper clip and ended up getting himself a nice house. Go to his blog.

What inspires me is if Alex and Kyle can come up with ingenious ideas and get themselves a million dollars and a house, well the sky's the limit, wouldn't you agree?

Food for thought: Entertaining the possibilities and acting on your intuition is the most valuable asset you'll ever have. Ever.
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