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The Power of Intention

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If you've been with me since the inception of "Adversity University," you are witnessing an evolvement of sorts. One of my greatest passions (Have a passion) is writing not only personal stories but also about my spiritual experiences. I've experienced the power of intention, taken risks, had faith in the outcome and perceived people, places and circumstances in a different light. All of this will become subjects of future articles in this blog so be on the lookout for them.

Whether or not we realize it, many of these topics are closely aligned with how we grow as spiritual beings having a human experience. When we learn how to harness universal principles, we are better able to deal with adversity that comes our way. We are in effect reprogramming our minds to think outside the box and creating the life we envision for ourselves. Some examples include my achievements in aviation, Wall Street as well as in professional speaking.

Today I wish to share with you an email I got from someone who I've been corresponding with over the last few years but have not yet met. Her name is Kathyrn Troutman, who specializes in creating powerful resumes for federal government employees and applicants. She is known as the "Federal Career Coach." Here's a synoposis of what she wrote to me:

That's how I started. One workshop at the Justice Dept. on Federal Resume Writing. WE thought 30 people would come to the Great Hall of Justice for a noon-hour "brown bag lunch". 650 people came! That was the day my government training career began.

The reason this happened so easily and effortlessly for her is because she didn't have any attachment to the outcome. Kathryn simply submitted a proposal, it was eventually accepted and then she went with the intention of providing for the highest good of all and look at the turn out! It was that simple!

That's what I intend to have happen with the number of subscribers I am aiming for (200,000) within the next 12 months. I'm not "hoping" or "wishing" for it to happen. I am "intending" for this to be reality. There's a big difference. Stay tuned......and watch the number of subscribers rise in that little orange Feedblitz box on the right.

I used to be one of those people who would put a "disclaimer" on my dreams saying things like "Well, I hope it will happen." When someone makes a firm decision, it's amazing how the universe just lines things up for you because making a decision as opposed to be "muddy" with your line of thinking clears the way for things to come your way. I'm starting to do this with my financial affairs and for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am well on my way to becoming truly financially independent - it's no joke. I will be writing about that too.

Consider this. I was browsing through a great "Personal Development for Smart People" blog the other day when I stumbled onto some writings by Steve Pavlina about the power of intention. Something just clicked in me and I feel like a changed person. It's strange, I can't explain it but I really felt an internal shift take place. All I know is when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I was looking at myself in the mirror and suddenly saw the image of a millionaire. That has never happened before. It's quite amazing, really. Stay tuned for that as well......

Food for thought: Think about the last time you made a firm declaration or decision and how ideas or opportunities flowed to you after that. Have you ever experienced this? That is the power of intention at work in your life!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen, Yes, the noon-time Justice maintenance crew was putting out the chairs for "maybe up to 100". They kept bringing chairs for the entire 90 minutes that I spoke. It was AMAZING for a first-time speaker with the old powerpoint transparencies.

Thanks for helping me remember that day. I honestly didn't even know I WAS a trainer or speaker. I just talked about what I knew - how to write a great federal resume that would get you hired!

Turns out that is STILL a HOT TOPIC! kt

8:29 PM  
Blogger Mae said...

Hi Stephen. I found you through while I was catching up on my reading there. It had been awhile.

Here you write about intention and the first person I thought of was Steve Pavlina. As I read down this blog entry, I just had a feeling that you were going to mention something about the Million Dollar Experiment.

I've been reading his blog for awhile now and have joined this experiment anonymously less than a month ago and it has already begun to work. But reading this blog entry has made me see that I still have some doubts and the habit of being attached to the outcomes of my goals.

Thank you for the reminder.:)

4:04 PM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...


Thank you so much for writing to me and letting me know about my blog entry on the "Power of Intention." What an amazing coincidence!

You know what? Not only did this confirm that you are on the right path because of how the "Million Dollar Experiment" has already begun to work for you, but it's also confirmation for me becuase just before I opened up your email, I was looking at the intention statement Steve recommended that we focus on for 60 seconds a day!

I would love to hear your stories about how this experiment has begun to work for you. If you don't mind sharing with me your experience, it could serve as a motivator for me to keep the faith and keep going. If you rather keep it private (it is about money after all), I completely understand.

As for me, I have experienced "found money" long before I stumbled unto Steve's website so I already know the value of the experiment. I just started with his experiment on Saturday, July 8th and while nothing has happened, I know very well that the universe has been busy coordinating financial windfalls for me behind the scenes - it's just a matter of time. I've had a series of meetings with potential clients that are in effect seeds being planted. It's really exciting.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me know that my blog entries are making a difference. It's a sign from God and the universe that I am on the right track.

Stephen Hopson

6:21 PM  

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