Thursday, August 03, 2006

Keynote Speech for First Communications Corporation

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Thanks to Susanne Noel of First Communications telephone company, I have a sample of pictures from a keynote presentation I did this morning for the entire company. Susanne is the lady on the far left in the first photo below. Thanks Susanne! I also wish to thank Lori Adams for handling all the arrangements for me including audio, audio visual and other important details.

For those of you who became willing participants during the question and answer session as well as the time when I asked people to write down and share what points they got out of my stories, thank you. Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy!

Audience members having breakfast before the presentation.
Audience participation - "THAT'S RIGHT STEPHEN!"
Interacting with everyone - Oprah style
Making a passionate point - can you read my lips? No? Don't worry, I can't either! Posted by Picasa
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