Monday, August 21, 2006

Part I - Do Visualizations Really Work?

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For those of you who are really into the self development and motivational/inspirational arena, you've probably read about the power of visualization. Maybe you've tried it. Maybe not. If you haven't, perhaps you are wondering if this stuff really works or if it's a full of bugaboos.

Today, instead of expounding on what it is and telling you that it works, I am going to offer you proof that it does. Then in the next article, I'll talk about what it is and why it works.

Visualization technique: As a teen, I drove my mother's car down the middle of the highway and pretended to take off and land. Paid the price in terms of 4 speeding tickets! Used to go to the airport as a youngster and watch planes take off and land all day long. I also played with model airplanes and flew them over makeshift villages with plastic green roofs and white picket fences. Sat on my couch and visualized myself flying in all sorts of weather conditions. I imagined feeling the vibration of the engine and went through the motion of starting it up, rolling down the runway and taking off, etc. Finally, I bought a MS Flight simulator and hooked it up to my desktop computer and played with it for hours.
Result: Became a pilot May 2001. Two years later, became a commercial pilot. Three years after the commercial, became the world's first deaf instrument pilot (fly in the clouds).

Need more proof? Visit the bio section of my website, scroll down the page and you'll see a bunch of links to newspaper articles.

Visualization technique: In 1996, I cut out a section of the New York Times best-selling list and put it on my refrigerator. Crossed out the top-selling author's name and wrote in mine. Every time I walk in the kitchen, I am reminded of my desire to be a "best-selling" author. Note: This piece of newspaper is now turning yellow and curling at the corners from age!
Result: Published 3 stories in 3 different best-selling books. Also written and published several articles online.

Need more proof? Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy of "Chicken Soup for the College Soul". Go to page 278. Order a copy of "heartwarmers" from Azriela Jaffe (it's now out of print now but it was an Amazon best-seller when it first came out). She has some extras in her inventory - contact her at: The "heartwarmer" story is on page 38. And finally, the third one was published in "Magical Souvenirs" on page 206. As for the articles, they can be seen here.

Note: I still have the dream of publishing my own book and having that become a best-seller. Stay tuned!

Visualization technique: Played schoolteacher as a child in my bedroom. In later years, I would go to church, sit in the main lecture hall (with seating capacity of 2,000) and imagine myself on stage speaking to thousands. Then I carried out the vision by actually getting in front of several civic clubs (i.e. Kiwanis, Lion's, Rotary, etc.).
Result: Spoken to thousands around the country and continue to build a reputation as a professional speaker.

Need proof? Visit my website and see testimonials from various audience members. The first time I spoke to 1,000 people was at a high school in Virginia in the late nineties. In the near future, my website will be undergoing a major facelift, which will include videos of speeches I've done.

Visualization technique: Cut out a picture of the hotel of where winners would be staying. This was posted by the telephone in my office where I could see it every day. For months, I imagined myself wriggling my toes in the warm sand, swimming in the ocean and watching the sunset from the hotel balcony.
Result: Won sales contests three years in a row. Went on all expense paid trips to Bermuda, Mexico and Florida.

Need proof? I have a clip of myself being interviewed on national TV (CNN) but until I learn how to post videos online, you'll just have to believe me on this one.

Food for thought: The more you visualize, the more your dreams will come to pass and manifest for you!
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