Friday, August 25, 2006

Part III - Do Visualizations Really Work?

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This is the last part of a series of articles about the power of visualization. Patience is critical to the success of the visualization process. Let's have some fun with this today. I ask that you be open minded and go with the flow.

Have you ever fantasized about being rich and famous? No? You've never thought of what it would be like to have all the millions in the bank and have the press stand by your door, ready to snap your photo?

Stay with me on this. No one knows you're thinking about this secret little fantasy except yourself.

Now, let's say you've been visualizing yourself as a movie star, best-selling author or perhaps a politician and you're speaking all over the world, in great demand. Day after day you imagine yourself holding press conferences, watching your bank account overflow and getting invitations to the hottest parties in town.

Would you be able to handle the paparazzi following you everywhere, invading your privacy? How would you feel if you wanted to go skinny dipping in your own pool but couldn’t because you were afraid the tabloids would get a shot of you and sell the image for thousands? What about all these new people coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be your “friend?” Where were they before you became famous? Would you wonder if the people you’re now with have your best interest at heart?

Do you remember the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal? She was lucky to have survived a brutal ordeal with the media. They had a field day and literally tore her apart. I read her autobiography and she wrote how it was her dream to be famous someday. By the time the Clinton/Lewisky scandal died down, she longed for anonymity. She wasn’t ready for it. It wasn't what she thought it would be.

If you suddenly became famous, would you be able to handle the pressure of being a celebrity?

This is why the universe is very exact. Every step on the way to your dreams is thrown in your life for a reason – to prepare you for what's to come. In one of my other posts, I wrote how we are "life's perpetual trainee" - always preparing for the future (Tip #9).

Suppose you dream of winning the lottery. Almost everyone does that right? They think sudden wealth will solve all their problems. But what if they do not have a wealth consciousness? Contrary to what you might think, having more money, especially if it happens suddenly, has the potential of creating more stress and challenges.

You’d have to find a good accountant, something you might never have worried about before. Which one do you hire? Who can you trust? What about people who claim to have your interest at heart and ask that you lend them money or invest in a venture? Where were they before you won the lottery?

Yes, you will certainly be able to pay off your debts but are you consciously ready to handle this kind of money? Will you squander it or will you invest it wisely? Will you hoard it or will you share it? Lottery winners are known to win millions only to go broke a short time later because they weren’t prepared to deal with it. They didn’t have the right consciousness about money. They didn’t know how to handle it responsibly.

Trust that if your visualizations are not manifesting in the time frame that you want, all is in perfect divine order. Never force or hurry the process. Go with the flow - if it is meant to manifest, it will in due time.

Food for thought: Are you mentally, physically and spiritually ready to handle the manifestation of your dreams today?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Stephen,
I'm from South Africa and I have recently subscribed to your blog after reading about you. Your story is inspiring me and all the articles I read from here thus far a trully speaking to me. I especially liked the once on visualization. Thank you for sharing all this with the rest of the world.
God Bless You,

3:36 PM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...

Hi there from South Africa:

Thanks so much for letting me know that my writing has inspired you! I'm grateful that you took the time to let me know how much of a difference I made in your life.

Stephen Hopson

4:36 PM  

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