Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's Your Contract with God?

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Do you have a contract with God?

The secret to living your life’s dreams isn’t really all that mysterious. God will work miracles for you if you are willing to reprogram your mind to think a little differently. Contrary to popular belief, life does not require a fierce struggle. It might take some sacrifices, yes, but nothing that you can’t handle. Yes, it also takes a certain amount of risks but again, nothing that you can’t deal with.

As incredible as it may seem, we don’t have to do anything extraordinary except believe that God/the universe will provide us with the tools that we need to achieve our dreams. He will bring about circumstances, people, events at just the right time for things to unfold in the most natural way possible. The critical ingredient is having a contract with God and believing that you are right where you're supposed to be and that bigger things are in store for you.

If life was a breeze without any challenges, how would we learn about our capabilities or discover our life’s purpose? How would we learn what our perceived self limitations are? Challenges are designed to push you through self imposed limitations and go beyond your comfort zone. That's why challenges are included in your contract with God.

Over the years, I have reprogrammed my mind to perceive problems, difficulties and setbacks as having a divine purpose behind them. What I’ve done is trained myself to believe that I could achieve my innermost potential by not only believing in myself but also knowing that God and the universe would help me along the way. I believe in the saying that God helps those who help themselves. That's why the contract requires you to perceive set-backs as growth tools with a divine purpose.

Instead of thinking you are the source of your ideas, start realizing that God speaks through you (as well as through other people, circumstances that appear in your life). It is your responsibility to listen to your heart and hear what God is trying to tell you. If you get a strong feeling or thought telling you in no uncertain terms that you need to take a specific course of action, than that’s God prompting you to do it. That's why the contract specifically states that God/the universe is your main supplier for He promises to provide you with with ideas, thoughts, words, deeds and whatnot to achieve your life's purpose.

In short, the contract calls for you to reprogram your mind.

God is in the picture and has always been. Even when I turned my back to Him as a young kid, He was forever waiting to be invited back into my life. God is like the polite guest outside the front door, waiting to be let in the foyer. The contract promises you that He will not butt in unless you specifically ask him to.

Every single time I took a leap of faith in the face of the unknown, mighty forces of the universe have always come to my aid – always. That's in the contract too.

On the wall in my office, I have a piece of paper that says “What’s Your Contract with God?” It reminds me that He is the source of my abundance, not my business partners, family members, friends, clients or employers. You may receive something from them but they are being used by God/the universe to provide you with what you need. They are not, in of themselves, your sources. God is more powerful than all of them combined. We tend to forget that he works through them to do his work, not the other way around.

Take out a piece of paper and write down “What’s my contract with God?” and let that percolate for a few days. Look at it before you go to bed and again when you wake up. And then sign it.

Food for thought: Having faith in 21st century is no different from any other time. It involves a simple act of signing a contract with God and trusting that all is in divine order. Then it requires taking action like experiencing the gamut of our emotions, taking responsibility for our choices and then trusting that we will be led to the right places at the right time.
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