Saturday, September 02, 2006

6 Ways a Change of Perception Can Benefit You - Bonus: "Beauty Spots" Story

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If you are a regular reader of "Adversity University," you may have noticed a common denominator emerging amongst my writings. Can you guess what it is? I'll give you 30 seconds to figure it out (no peeking!).

Ok, time is up.

If your guess was something like "life is a matter of perception." You were right.

Today I want to do something different. First, I would like to outline 6 ways your life can benefit by changing your perception of what happens to you. Then I will give you a link to someone else's story on this subject (at the bottom).


1. You become more in tune with the universal flow of life. You start to see the meaning behind little, every day things. You also start to see signs from God, confirming you’re on the right path. You understand that by being in a frenetic state of mind, you block yourself from receiving information from universal intelligence.

2. Because of your heightened awareness, you might get an answer to a perplexing problem that’s plagued you for weeks through a word, a phrase in an advertisement or an image in a movie. You’ll react with “Aha, that’s the answer, why didn’t I think of that before?”

3. You lead a more relaxed way of life because you now understand that there are many things that happen to you that are out of your control. For example, instead of working yourself in a frenzy because your plane is late for departure (which you have no control over), you simply go with the flow because you understand that if you got upset, it's because you chose to!

4. Even though you can’t see your guardian angels, they are always around you, helping you with your journey, if you let them. They are constantly guiding you with thoughts, signs, "coincidences," miracles, etc.

5. Your ability to see, hear and feel beyond your five senses is greatly enhanced because you are now more aware.

6. Finally, you understand that trying to control every little thing brings about even more chaos in your life. Getting upset, worrying, controlling and manipulating are all energy wasters, attracting more drama that you don't need. You know that if you do your best and then let the rest go ("Let go and let God"), things will unfold more naturally. There's no need for pushing, shoving and stepping on other people's toes to get what you want.

And now for the "Beauty Spots" story by Jamie Weather. All efforts to reach her for permission to reprint it here have failed. Therefore, I have no choice but to give you a link to the site where it was originally published six years ago.

I hope you read her inspirational story, because I guarantee your perceptions of this women's adversity will forever be changed. It will cause you to pause and maybe change how you perceive other people, especially those with a disability. When you get there, please scroll down the page until you see "Beauty Spots."

Food for thought: What did you think of Jamie Weather's story? Did it help you change your perception of her situation? Next time you see someone like her, will you see that person in a different way?
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