Thursday, September 07, 2006

Humorous Way of Looking at Success

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How do you define success? Today I was reading "Your Road Map to Success" by John C. Maxwell and came across something in his book that I wanted to share with you.

The author had heard a story where three business professionals were engaging in a conversation about what success meant to them.

The first one said, "I'd say I had arrived if I were summoned to the White House for a private, personal meeting with the President of the United States."

The second one chimed in, "To me, success would mean meeting with the President in the Oval Office, having the hot line ring during our talk, and watching the president ignore it."

Finally, the third one said, "No, you've both got it wrong. You're a success if you're privately consulting with the president, the hot line rings, he picks it up, and he says, 'It's for you.'"

Food for thought: Well, what did you think of them apples? What does success really mean to you?
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