Monday, October 16, 2006

Newly Redesigned Speaking/Writing Website

NOTICE: We've Moved! Please click here to be taken to the new location!!

A quick news flash to inform you of my newly redesigned motivational speaking and writing website. You can see it at:

If you like how my site looks and are want to have yours created/redesigned, you can contact Sandra Donaldson by looking at the bottom of each page of that site for her website address. She is very reliable, has integrity and is a great person to do business with.

The only thing we need to do at this point is to add some speaking videos showing me in a professional speaking capacity in front of an audience. This will give potential clients a chance to see me in action as a speaker.

Meanwhile, there is a video on that site showing what it's like to make an actual instrument approach in bad weather. You can watch it in the biography section under the link "Stephen's Flying Adventures." When you get there, you'll see a photo on the right side of that page that you can click on to play the Google Video.

Your comments, thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions, are all welcome. You can send me an email directly from that site or by going to the profile link on this blog and clicking on the email link there.

If you know of people who are in the decision-making position of hiring motivational speakers, please do pass the link above to them. It would be greatly appreciated!

Now that I have the speaking/writing website project out of the way, I can return my focus back to this blog. In fact, I will soon be posting a new story in the very near future that I think you'll enjoy. It is about the power of surprising someone (i.e. a young boy) with a very memorable gift.

Stay tuned!
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