Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Speak the Encouraging Word - by a California Teacher

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These days I've been busy canvassing blogs by school teachers around the world. While sorting through them, I was surprised to discover that a large majority of them blog anonymously in order to vent their frustrations that would otherwise go unheard because they would most certainly be fired should their identities be revealed for speaking the truth. What many of them have to say would make their local board of education for look bad....really, really bad.

Several of them were contacted via email, letting them know how much I enjoyed their heart wrenching experiences and given links to my own stories about Mrs. Jordan, my fifth grade teacher (see below). What I hope to do is remind them that they really do make a difference despite the difficulties they face on a daily basis (i.e. irate parents, apathetic students, tight budgets and bureaucrats who have "red tape" permanently tattooed across their foreheads, etc.)

On Friday of last week, I posted a link to a teacher's blog who wrote a gut wrenching account of the "stolen purple stapler." Today, I found another heartwarming story entitled "Speak the Encouraging Word" written by a "California Teacher." His article reminded me of what Mrs. Jordan did for me so many years ago. Please take a moment to read his article for it will remind you just how powerful words can be in another person's life, especially a young one.

If you've not read my fifth grade teacher stories, they are listed below for your convenience. You will want to read them in the following order to get the most impact:

1. Adversity in Elementary School
2. Three Words
3. The Bully at Blue Creek Elementary School
4. Leeza Show

Since my blog is about dealing with adversity and because I'm on a huge crusade to inspire teachers out there, I will continue to post teacher-related stories that touch me to the core. If you find similar emotionally provoking stories, please let me know and I'll post them here.

My goal is to remind teachers of why they became one in the first place. I want them to know that if they plant a powerful seed in a young person's life, there's no telling what can happen to them when they grow up.

After all, look at what happened when Mrs. Jordan first planted a seed in my mind with only three words and how I went on to become an award-winning stockbroker, motivational speaker, author and pilot. In fact, many of you saw how I became the world's first deaf instrument rated pilot earlier this year, a feat considered impossible by "so-called experts." Besides my mom and dad (who were major positive influencers in my life), Mrs. Jordan planted a powerful seed that caused an incredible ripple effect, enabling me to achieve the impossible later in life.

What could be more powerful then that?

Food for thought: Will you help me with my crusade to inspire teachers around the globe by giving them links to my teacher stories?
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