Monday, May 14, 2007

Actual Flight Footage for "Flight to Hartford"

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You all know I'm involved in the "Flight to Hartford" project through my church here in Akron, OH. You've seen the promotional video, read about it in the papers or perhaps have told others about it. Maybe you donated toward the cause. Whatever it is, you're probably somewhat familiar with it.

Well, we now have an actual footage of a flight that was recently undertaken to not only practice getting Ryan in and out of the airplane (it requires two people as you'll see) but also go for a brief "get acquainted" flight.

Once again, Ron Hoff does an extraordinary job putting together not only a humorous account of what happened but also captures the spirit of "Flight to Hartford" rather well.

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like to drink and settle in for the next few minutes because I think you're going to really get a kick out of this! It is recommended that you watch them in the following order:

Video 1

Video 2

Please forward these videos to your friends, family and everyone who you think would be inspired by what we are trying to do.

Food for thought: If Stephen and Ryan can achieve their dreams, why not you?
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