Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Adversity is Caused by.........

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Yes, there are circumstances outside our control causing adversity but the originator is usually YOU. Think about it.

What thoughts did you allow to circulate in your mind and what decisions did you make as a result from those thoughts? Did you take necessary action or did you procrastinate? Did you allow self defeating thoughts permeate your way of being and therefore attract a mountain of debt, the wrong people in your life or perhaps gain unwanted weight?

Among the top five ways I deal with adversity is taking responsibility. See the post about Adversity University's interactive tagging experiment here.

The above mentioned experiment is slowly but surely catching fire and I have been reading some very interesting stories from people from all walks of life about how they deal with adversity, especially if they created it themselves. Take a look at this post by Chris over at "The Philosophy of Change." Other stories/tips written by those who have participated in this experiment will be posted when the tagging project is completed.

Even though you may not know Chris personally, I trust you'll find it an interesting and honest read. He writes from the heart and shows that it is possible to rise from the mess we've made for ourselves. Chris did what was necessary to reverse the situation he found himself in. He took responsibility and owned up to the situation and then took action. He stopped drinking, changed his eating habits/exercised more and improved his income situation. Chris shows that it is possible for anyone to rise out of the ashes if they take responsibility for their lives instead pointing fingers away from themselves.

Food for thought: Taking responsibility for our lives is empowering and causes lives to change dramatically for the better!
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