Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Energy Vampires

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Under the category "Ten Most Popular Articles" on the right sidebar, you will notice "How to Deal with Difficult People" nestled in there. In a moment, you'll understand why it was selected for inclusion in that category.

In an effort to spread my message about this subject, I submitted the above mentioned article along with another one called "The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People" to, a popular source of free self-help articles. Apparently, I hit a nerve out there because traffic statistics for both Adversity University and EzineArticles reported that these two articles ranked high on the list of the most frequently read articles.

There are no shortage of those who masquerade as energy vampires sucking the life out of others. I've definitely had my share of them. They also love to play the lead role of "dream stealers," making them downright dangerous to have around.

Further research led me to a very interesting blog post by Catherine Pratt of Live with Confidence entitled "How to Deal with Negative People." Catherine does a fabulous job outlining 10 ways of dealing with negative people and how to identify them. Her article confirms that negative people are everywhere and are prone to causing us unecessary adversity, if we let them.

Food for thought: Can you identify the energy vampires in your life? If so, what will you do about them?
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