Monday, August 20, 2007

Bringing Back "The Purple Stapler" Story

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While I was reorganizing and editing the manuscript of "THAT'S RIGHT, STEPHEN!" this evening, I came across the poignant story of the missing purple stapler, written by Miss Dennis, a special education teacher from the Bronx. I am having her story along with two others placed in a special section of the book in honor of teachers everywhere. My gratitude goes to her for giving me permission to reprint it for publication in my first book.

While I was re-reading it, I felt inspired to bring back the tale of the missing purple stapler because I found it so deeply touching. The amount of adversity faced by teachers is staggering. The last time the Adversity University community heard about Miss Dennis was back in October 2006. Now that traffic and the number of subscribers to this site have gone up, I felt it was time to bring back one of my favorite teacher stories and expose it to a wider audience.

Here it is: The Purple Stapler
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