Monday, August 20, 2007

It's All in the Eyes of the Beholder

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Reading a post by Steve Olson led me to a set of humorous real estate pictures. You know I love writing about how life is colored by the way we perceive things. The next time you sell a piece of real estate, bear in mind how we all can be looking at the same thing yet perceive it in different ways. Check it out:

I have several new posts coming up, many of which will involve my trademark short stories at Adversity University. One of them will chronicle a flight that almost cut my life short. It will be called "The Flight That Almost Killed Me." It's about what happened when I rented a small plane and flew myself back to Michigan after spending the Christmas holidays with my family in upstate New York. If you've liked my writing style up to this point, I think you'll like this one too.

If you're new to AU and don't yet have a subscription to this blog, go ahead and check out some of the most popular articles and stories in the right sidebar. I've recently added some new ones from the archives so that you can have a general idea of my writing style.

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Until the next time, have a great one!
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