Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some News and Link Love

NOTICE: We've Moved! Please click here to be taken to the new location!!

After months of dragging my feet, I've FINALLY decided it's time to move Adversity University to a new home.
Yes! We are moving! (Above Photo Credit seen here).
Over the last few months, traffic has spiked well beyond the normal levels, resulting in a 50% increase of subscribers. Adversity University now ranks #1 on Google when someone types in those two words in the search box. Technorati reports well over 200 blogs linking back here, attracting even more traffic. Word about my work here at Adversity University has begun to reach the attention of well-known bloggers like Liz Strauss of "Successful Blogs," Phil of "Make it Great" fame, Laura Young of "The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life," Aaron Potts of "Today is that Day," to name a few.
Simply put, Adversity University is growing by leaps and bounds!
Because of that, it's time for an extreme makeover and move to a more flexible platform (Wordpress) that will allow me to accomplish even more. It's like that five and ten store in a tiny building that needs a bigger place to handle more customers.
Before I share with you my vision for the new home, if you are an email or RSS subscriber to Adversity University, THANK YOU. I truly appreciate you being here and look forward to continuing our love affair. You will NOT have to lift a finger because through the miracle of technology, you will automatically be directed to our new home.
Here are 7 main reasons we're packing up and moving:
1. While we will keep "Adversity University" because of it's unique name and "play on words," I want it to be branded as a personal development site covering subjects including, but not limited to, the Law of Attraction, Thought Transformation, Positive Thinking, Blogging, Adversity Stories from Other People (You?), Power of Visualization and Wealth Building among others. Naturally, this calls for the creation of categories, something I cannot do here (unless I upgraded to Blogger's new template but that would result in the loss of all the tweaking I've done to it). If I'm going to lose a year's worth of tweaking by upgrading, why not start fresh elsewhere?
2. The comment feature at Blogger does not give commentators the ability to receive automatic email notifications on any additional comments that might come in after theirs have been left at this blog. If they wanted to see other people's responses to their comments, they'd have to keep checking back to see for themselves. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Wordpress has a little box that gives everyone the option of getting an email alert for that purpose.
3. More often than not, I tend to edit my writing repeatedly in an effort to give you the best possible material. On more occasions than I care to admit, whenever I went back to edit, the formatting would somehow go haywire, forcing me to manually fix it before republishing the post. I want to be able to repeatedly edit my work without having to worry about the formatting going nuts on me.
4. I am also looking for a more attractive design and go from two to three columns, giving me more "screen real estate" to play with.
5. While I own the copyright to everything at Adversity University, I do not own the domain name. Why? Because Blogger owns it (i.e. By creating my own domain name and hosting it at a server of my choice (Hostgator), I become the owner of the new Adversity University site. If in the future someone wanted to purchase the Adversity University domain name, I would have the option of accepting that offer, putting me directly in the driver's seat instead of the other way around.
6. On top of all this, I want the ability to post-date my articles, a feature Blogger does not have available. Every time I am inspired with ideas, I'm stuck with writing one post for each day I want to publish something. Otherwise if I uploaded more than one at a time, you'd be deluged with a bunch of articles that were meant to be spread out over a period of time. By deliberately post-dating them, I could write a week's worth of articles at once (if I'm inspired to do so) and then arrange for their delivery on the days I want them delivered. How cool is that?
7. In the last year or so, I've been looking at different online income streams that are passive in nature. This calls for making more room for Google Ads, affiliate links and other programs. While daily traffic at this site is substantially higher than before, the overall click-through rate on the Google Ads has been dismally low. However, thanks to the experience I just had with "Pick the Brain," I've seen firsthand what a huge surge in traffic can do. When thousands are visiting your blog at the same time, the Google Ad click-through rate goes right through the roof. Since I will have a new category called "Blogging" (or maybe even "How to Make Money with Blogging") over at the new site, it puts me in the position to share with you what I've learned along the way. That would be especially beneficial for those of you who happen to have a blog of your own. What a great way for me to give back!
Now, of course, the decision to move isn't without risk. Because I am, in effect, starting all over, I will be focused on rebuilding traffic, increasing the number of incoming and outgoing links, regaining Google/Technorati rankings as well as put a forwarding link to every single post on this blog so that new visitors will be directed to the new location.
Despite the amount of work involved in moving (who ever said moving was easy?), let's take look at the big picture. I anticipate blogging for at least the next 20 years. What's one year in starting over again? Makes it seem small by comparison, doesn't it? By having a blog that I own and operate, I'm positioning us for bigger and better things. provided me with much needed "training wheels" and now they are coming off. I've learned a lot in the last year and a half. It's time to sprout my wings and expand. Won't you come along?
Now for some link love.
The following sites are blogs I currently subscribe to. Every one of them have recently mentioned my name, Adversity University and/or embedded the fast-spreading YouTube video on their sites. Not only do I want to publicly thank them but I also want to introduce you to them because I believe they are truly making an impact:
1. Pick the Brain - John Wesley at "Pick the Brain" responded to an email from me one day when an idea occurred to me to see if I could contribute to his blog with an article or two. To my delight, John responded quickly and opened the door for me to submit a couple that I thought would be a good fit for PTB. He ended up publishing an article originally entitled, "How to Deal with Difficult People" that was subsequently renamed, "7 Tips for Resolving Conflicts Quickly and Peacefully." In that article was a link to my "Adversity at the Barbershop" story that drew well over 2,000 visitors last week (and continues to bring in hundreds more every day!). If I hadn't had the courage to ask, I might not have experienced such a sharp increase in new traffic/subscribers. So I thank John for opening the doors for me. It's well worth your time to check out PTB - it's chock o' full of great information! (Did I get that right?)
2. How to Have Great Confidence and Self Esteem - David Rogers from England has many wonderful tips about developing self esteem and increasing confidence. He's worked in various mental health positions over the last 20 years, putting him in an unique position to share ways of achieving more confidence and self esteem. His words of wisdom will surely inspire you.
3. One Powerful Word - Wisdom of the Ages - Mr. Biggs, as he likes to be called, is a young guy whose picture I kept seeing over and over on the Internet. In this picture, he stands next to a shiny black BMW, which he manifested through the Law of Attraction. What you probably don't know is that owning a BMW is dream that I intend to manifest - particularly the 535i series. In any case, after seeing his picture for the umpteenth time, I realized the universe was nudging me to contact him. So I did and we ended up becoming Internet buddies. His blog focuses on utilizing the power of the Law of Attraction. Pretty uplifting material!
4. Communicatrix - Colleen Wrainwright wrote a very cute article with a photo of a doll with dazzling pink hair and glasses. The article was called "Can You Lead an Authentic Life with Fake Hair?" I found her on Priscilla's world famous list of Personal Development Blogs. When I arrived at Communicatrix, I was immediately drawn to the fake hair article, not because I have fake hair - I have NONE - but because she touched upon the power of authenticity, something I strongly believe in. I enjoyed that article so much that I browsed around Communicatrix some more. It's is mostly about her own personal life but because she is so authentic, I have fun while reading about her adventures.
5. Success from the Nest - Here's one of my favorite discoveries on the Internet. Tony D. Clark is quite the creative blogger. His niche is primarily on self development for small business owners complete with colorful cartoons and illustrations, making frequent visits to this blog a great source of information and pleasure for me.
6. Gus' Gang - Jenny runs a small ministry reaching out and encouraging families with chronically ill children and families who are suffering the loss of a child. I found her on the Priscilla list too and was immediately inspired by her ministry. There are loads of pictures of very cute babies that will absolutely, positively melt your heart.
7. Shards of Consciousness - Rick Cockrum is a personal development blogger who specializes in helping people raise their level of awareness on a spiritual and emotional level. He writes in a way that you intuitively understand what he's trying to say. Go check him out too!
8. - Here Chris Melton covers topics like people skills, the law of attraction and many others but what's even more intriguing is something his business partner (Scott Kay) invented. It's a product called "The Rotater" (not a misspelling) that's fast making news in the world of sports and physical therapy - if you've ever had shoulder problems, I'll bet you'll benefit from using one of them. Even I'm considering one for myself because my right shoulder seems to be perpetually sore for some strange reason. They have a demo video on the rotater site showing you how easy and effective it is. It's pretty cool! It's probably one of those ideas that's causing people to bang their forehead like that V-8 TV commercial exclaiming, "WOW, I could have had a Rotater!"
Well, that's all for now folks. I hope you enjoy reading through some of these blogs and end up subscribing to them.
Meanwhile, I'll continue working on the move and keep you posted. I'll also throw in some older posts from this blog to keep you entertained and/or informed.
Are you excited about your forthcoming new home? I hope so!
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Blogger cfmelton said...

Hey Stephen,
Great post. I feel your pain about the "big" move. I did the same thing back in June/July. Fortunately, like you, I had the foresight to buy my domain name (, so most people could find my new address.

But, I still have my old site and people still visit it - even though I have put an intro paragraph on each old post redirecting them to my new soupornuts site.

Thanks also for spreading the word about the Rotater ( We are growing daily as people take the time to watch the video and realize how it can help them. We hope to announce some national press shortly.

Good luck with the move. If I can help, feel free to contact me. I'll give you all the assistance that I can.

Chris Melton

6:41 PM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...

Hi there Chris!

It's great to hear from you! I'm so excited about your "rotater" product making the rounds. In fact, I just told a personal friend of mine who suffers from a chronic shoulder problem. I gbave her your name/email address and the rotater site address. I hope she contacts you. I'm even thinking of getting one myself! My right shoulder seems to be perpeptually sore for some strange reason - I have no idea why!

Chris, it's MY pleasure to help you spread the news about the rotater. How could I let an idea so simple yet so effective and ingenious pass by without at least saying something? It's definitely a million dollar idea! I'm with you 100 percent.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my site. I really appreciated your visit today.


7:03 PM  
Blogger Nita said...


Do you need a dolly? I can lend you mine after I'm finished with my move ;) (J/K)

Let me know when you're done and I can visit your new site!


8:45 PM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...


How rip-roaring funny is that! No, my friend, I am not in the market for a dolly. LOL

HOWEVER, you can hold on to yours just in case I ever need one. Okay? (J/K here too!)

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with YOUR MOVE.


8:49 PM  
Blogger communicatrix said...

Thanks for the link love, love!

I made the move a couple of years ago, from TypePad to WP. It was a little tricky, but oh-so worth it for me. Take it slow, back up back up back up and you'll be fine.

Look forward to seeing your new home.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...


Wow, I am SO happy to see you on the verge of all of these wonderful changes!

I have been so out of the loop in the blogosphere lately because I've been spending so much time working on and marketing PDP, but I was grateful that I got a notice about this post in time to stop by here and learn about these exciting changes.

I'm truly very happy for you, Stephen, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Keep up the great work!! :)

6:22 AM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...

Colleen (from Communicatrix):

You're welcome, welcome, welcome. It was fun to link to that cute article with the funniest looking doll with flaming pink hair. I really got a good laugh out of that one!

I also look forward to moving to my new home at WP and taking things one step at a time. Thanks for reminding me to back up. I will do that madam!

Have a great end of the week and an even better weekend!!


6:34 AM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...

Hi Aaron, my good friend:

Thanks! I am looking forward to the changes too even though I'll have to start over. At least the new home will inspire me and hopefully inspire others to come and enjoy themselves.

I've been watching with great interest your your new Personal Development forum. It looks really exciting! Looks like we're both growing, expanding and setting our sets on bigger and better things!


6:47 AM  
Anonymous Rick Cockrum said...

Great news on the move, Stephen, and you explained well many of the reasons to have your own site. I've gone through it twice - once moving from Blogger and once moving from one domain to another. It can be hectic, there's a lot of details, some pain, but well worth it.

Hmm. Sounds like the rest of life. :)

7:22 AM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...


Thanks for your support. Turns out that my move isn't all that unique - in fact, it's quite common. Bloggers are constantly moving to bigger and better places. And they do it because they see the bigger picture and not fret over the short-term losses.

I'm glad you stopped by and commented. It's good to hear from you.


7:44 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Happy moving!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Stephen J. Hopson said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks - I'm in Day 3, looking for a suitable theme to adopt and cloth the new home! Lots to look through but I'm happy to say I've narrowed it down to a handful.

Now it's a matter of ensuring their "compatibility" with the latest version of WP. Then I install it. Then a lot of other stuff..........


10:48 PM  

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