Thursday, August 24, 2006

Part II - Do Visualizations Really Work?

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Creative visualization is a simple process where you invest your time, emotions and energy into seeing yourself achieving your heart’s desires. It is one of the greatest, easiest ways of connecting with the universe. There is a universal intelligence that is responsive to us. You've heard of the saying that "God acts in mysterious ways." This intelligence is available to anyone by simply tapping into it. No experience necessary. No special degrees or magic abilities either!

Here's how I did it with the motivational speaker example from Part I:

1. The first step is to enhance the environment where I am doing the visualization. Since I can't hear, turning on relaxing music isn't exactly an option for me (but that's something you can do if you are hearing). What I usually do is light a candle and/or turn on a lamp and set it on very low wattage (so that it's not too bright nor too dim). Then I start off by asking God to be present throughout the process. I imagine angels in the room with me, guiding me along the way. You want to be doing this in a relaxed and not strenuous manner.

2. Then I get comfortable in my favorite sitting spot and close my eyes. From that point on, I imagine, in the most vivid color possible, myself standing on stage, in the spotlight, speaking to thousands. Not only do I see myself moving around on stage (or even mingling amongst the audience), gesturing, and using different voice inflections, but I also imagine a wave of emotion sweeping over the audience - they are laughing and crying throughout the presentation. For added excitement, I throw in "special effects" – their heads are following every move I make because their eyes and ears are hanging on to every word I say.

Then the "movie" pans over to the book signing table, where I am autographing books and greeting/hugging/shaking hands with everyone. People are coming up to me with gratitude written all over their faces, thanking me for making a difference. As I'm imagining this, I am usually overcome with a profound sense of love and gratitude as if I were actually at the speaking event! It's amazingly inspiring and motivating because something mysterious happens to you on a cellular level while you're doing this. Don't ask me why - I'm not a scientist or a doctor. I just know it happens because I've done it.

3. After finishing, I say a prayer of thanks because it is considered a done deal without any doubt (important).

Would you like to get started? All you need is an idea of what you desire - be it a new car, a new job, a new relationship, money in the bank, a promotion, etc. Color your imagination as vividly as you can with sounds, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Incorporate the sense of smell. If you want a new car, imagine the smell of leather. If you want a new baby, imagine the baby smell. Hear it coo in your mind, see yourself rocking it to sleep. If you want a promotion, imagine yourself moving into the corner office with a great view of the city below you. Or if you're into sports, imagine yourself shooting that hoop in the last few seconds of the game or making the finals in the swimming championships.

The important thing to understand is that results of your visualization will manifest on God’s time, not yours. Be open to what comes your way and take appropriate action when you receive an impression. If you do this consistently, watch out! Your dreams are bound to manifest!

Now, I have a third part coming - there's more! In Part III, I will write about why visualizations manifest on God's time, not yours. There's a logical reason for this. Stay tuned......

Food for thought: Be patient and focused. Practice visualization with a sense of detachment and remain open to what comes your way.
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